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Tie Rod System

The safe way to tie wall formwork Perm. load to DIN 18216: 90 kN. Tie rod have been specially developed for reinforced concrete and tying application, offering an economical solution where threaded joints with nuts or coupler are required.Tie rod are threaded along their entire length. Available with cold rolled continuous thread. The thread form is a right hand thread with a coarse pitch that is robust and allows easy assembly on site.

tie rod

The continuous coarse threads on all Mitaka thread mean quick installation and stripping and remain threadable even when dirty or rusty

Mitaka's high load capacities allow greater spacing for fewer ties and lower labour costs

Mitaka ties are 50% lighter than conventional ties. Their light weight and high strenght features save on shipping and labour costs

The bar available in 6 meters lengths and can be cut to fit and/or splices at any point without reduction in strength or threadability. Therefore all the hard ware is interchangeable

tie rod
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