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Aluminium Formwork

Light weight,High strength

Weight of approximate 20Kg/M². Mitaka Aluminium Formwork is one of the lightest Vertical Formwork for Construction.

Various sizes,High accuracy:

The construction drawing is designed with strict structure, with little measurement error and high accuracy.

Safe,Convenient construction

High loading capacity requires less use of props, reducing lost in material and labour. Workers can independently operate after simple training.

Good Stability, High bearing capacity

The Formwork made of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy profile.

Long timeused

aluminium formworks can be used more than 100 times and still keeps high quality to finish forming concrete surface.

Wide range used

The Mitaka-designed formwork system applies to all kinds of building elements, such as the main wall, column, beams, stairs and balconies.

Excellent quality

The concrete surface is very smooth, No need a heavy backing Plaster.

High efficiency

Vertical Aluminium Formwork system is quick release system. Deshuttering can be done in 1 day

Recyclable value

The used aluminium material is of greater recyclable value, several times higher than steel.

Independent support system

Spare parts Included pins and wedges should be recycled. Work site would be a safety ,clean and tidy environment. supporting system construction is simple, convenience and clean

Dependable safety,Environmental

The construction process is totally safe. Full aluminium structure leads to no galvanization and thus minimizes the pollution to our earth.

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