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Welcome to Mit Enterprises, the esteemed sister concern of Mitaka Aluform LLP, specializing in high-quality construction accessories. As a dynamic extension of Mitaka Aluform LLP, we provide an exclusive range of essential components that complement and enhance construction projects. Our meticulously crafted accessories, thoughtfully designed for precision and durability, are tailored to meet the diverse demands of the industry. From Stub Pins and Wall Ties to innovative solutions like Corrugated Polypropylene Sheets, our offerings are the backbone of seamless construction processes. With a shared commitment to excellence and innovation, Mit Enterprises and Mitaka Aluform LLP together offer a comprehensive synergy to empower your construction journey. Explore our specialized accessories and elevate your projects to new heights of efficiency and strength.

Stub Pin (Korean)
Stub pin (Solid)
wedge 70 mm with hole and embossed
Pin and wedges system
Corrugated Polypropylene sheet (P P SHEET)
polythene tubing
PVC sleeve For Wall ties
aluminium beam bar Grade 6061T6
Aluminium BKS joint patti 250 mm Grade 6061 T6
m 16 X 80 Mild steel Kicker bolt (full threaded)
Hex Kicker Nut M 16
spring washer m 16
M S washer M 16
Alignment Clamp
Turn buckle with 5 mtrs wire rope
Sleeve Pusher 350 MM
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